Imaginative Education Follow up

This post by Dean Groom has links to highly useful material (including readers as ‘starter pieces’ ) on imaginative learning. I may follow them up when designing learning activities. I guess now the LiD book is a must read!


This weekend, I presented the “Learning In Depth” programme developed by Simon Fraser University, and somewhat adapted towards Australia. I was truly taken back by the interest, given it’s a very simple innovation and quite low tech. I said I’d enclose some of the ‘starter’ pieces (click here) that I recommend from the IERG website. The ‘kit’ is also available and a sampler is available here. The LiD kit The LiDKit draws on the collaborative work of more than 25 teachers and researchers led by Professor Kieran Egan.

I also recommend purchasing the Learning In Depth book, which deals with many aspects of the LiD program. If you are more broadly interested in Imagination (as an active part of understanding) you might also consider Kieran’s other published work.

From my presentation, this slide is one that I’ve called a “learning compass” and useful to teachers in…

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